Endocrine aspects of disease processes proceedings of the conference held in honor of Hans Selye, Mont Tremblant, Quebec /

Endocrine Aspects of Disease Processes presents a critical review of hypothalamic hormones regulating the secretion of the anterior pituitary. The book discusses calcitonin as a hormone of ultimobranchials; the brain monoamines and thyroid hormones on emotional stress induced by sympathomimetic agen...

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Corporate Authors: Hans Selye Conference Mont Tremblant, Québec)
Other Authors: Hans Selye Conference, Jasmin, G., Selye, Hans, 1907-1982,, ScienceDirect (Online service)
Format: eBook
Language: English
Published: London : William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd., [1968]
Physical Description: 1 online resource (viii, 456 pages)
Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover; Endocrine Aspects of Disease Processes; Copyright Page; Participants; Preface; Table of Contents; Endocrine Aspects of disease Processes; Chapter 1. Hypothalamic Hormones Regulating the Secretions of the Anterior Pituitary; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Discussion; Chapter 2. Corticosterone-binding by Transcortin and Pituitary-Thyroid-adrenocortical Interactions in the Rat; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Discussion; Chapter 3. Calcitonin-Hormone of the Ultimobranchials; Introduction; Chemistry and Assay; Ultimobranchial Origin of Calcitonin.
  • Action of CalcitoninCalcitonin in Man; Homeostatic Role of Calcitonin; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Discussion; Chapter 4. Brain Monoamines and Thyroid Hormones on theEmotional Stress Induced by Sympathomimetic Agents in Aggregated Animals; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Discussion; Chapter 5. On the Participation of Polypeptides and Biogenic Amines in the Acute Inflammatory Reactions; Histamine and Inflammatory Reactions; Intrinsic Histamine; Insufficiency of the Histamine Mediation.
  • Participation of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin)The Kinin System; The Probable Mediators of the Acute Inflammatory Reactions; Experimental Proof of the Participation of Kininsin the Inflammatory Reaction; Release of Bradykinin in the Interstitial Spaces; Indirect Methods; Research on Anti-bradykinin Agents; Abstract; References; Discussion; Chapter 6. Pharmacology of Aggression; I. Reaction Phenomena; II. Lesion Phenomena; III. Pharmacology of Aggression; Conclusion; Abstract; References; Discussion; Chapter 7. Serum Aminopexy; Introduction; Techniques for the Evaluation of Aminopexy.
  • Serum Histaminopexy Studies in ManDiscussion; Abstract; References; Discussion; Chapter 8. Brain Plasticity: Hormones and Stress; Introduction; Hormones; Stress: Environmental Changes; Abstract; References; Chapter 9. Sleep-wakefulness Patterns and Hormones; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Chapter 10. Endocrine Factors in the Etiology of Peptic Ulcer; A. Adrenal Hormones; B. Pituitary Hormones; C. Sex Hormones; D. Syndrome of Polyendocrine Tumors; General Conclusion; Abstract; References; Discussion; Chapter 11. Blood Sugar Levels and Allergies.
  • Glycemia and the Dextran Anaphylactoïd Reaction in RatsTARIF, The Transferable Anaphylactoïd Reaction Inducing Factor; Anaphylaxis and Immune Hemolytic Anemia; Histamine and Compound 48-80; The Oscillations of Blood Sugars and Susceptibility to Allergy; Conclusions; Abstract; Acknowledgements; Addendum; References; Discussion; Chapter 12. Antineoplastic Effects of BCG and Other Agents; Materials and Methods; Experiments and Results; Discussion; Abstract; Acknowledgements; References; Discussion; Chapter 13. Thymus and Inflammation; Materials and Methods; Results; Abstract; Acknowledgements.