Handbook of research on children's and young adult literature

Other Authors: Wolf, Shelby Anne.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Routledge, 2011.
Physical Description: xii, 555 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm.
Table of Contents:
  • Pt 1. The reader. Children reading at home: an historical overview / Evelyn Arizpe and Morag Styles
  • Questioning the value of literacy: a phenomenology of speaking and reading in children / Eva-Maria Simms
  • The book as home? It all depends / Shirley Brice Heath
  • Reading literature in elementary classrooms / Kathy G. Short
  • Readers, texts, and contexts in the middle: re-imagining literature education for young adolescents / Thomas P. Crumpler and Linda Wedwick
  • Reading literature in secondary school: disciplinary discourses in global times / Cynthia Lewis and Jessica Dockter
  • Imaging a writer's life: extending the connection between readers and books / Elizabeth Dutro and Monette C. McIver
  • Teaching Latina/o children's literature in multicultural contexts: theoretical and pedagogical possibilities / María E. Fránquiz, Carmen Martínez-Roldán, and Carmen I. Mercado
  • School libraries and the transformation of readers and reading / Eliza T. Dresang and M. Bowie Kotrla
  • Public libraries in the lives of young readers: past, present, and future / Paulette M. Rothbauer, Virginia A. Walter, and Kathleen Weibel
  • Becoming readers of literature with LGBT themes: in and out of classrooms / Mollie V. Blackburn and Caroline T. Clark
  • Immigrant students as cosmopolitan intellectuals / Gerald Campano and María Paula Ghiso
  • Pt 2. The book. History of children's and young adult literature / Deborah Stevenson
  • Point of departure / Lois Lowry
  • Dime novels and series books / Catherine Sheldrick Ross
  • Point of departure / Candice Ransom
  • Folklore in children's literature: contents and discontents / Betsy Hearne
  • Point of departure / Julius Lester
  • African American children's literature: researching its development, exploring its voices / Rudine Sims Bishop
  • Point of departure / Jacqueline Woodson
  • The art of the picturebook / Lawrence R. Sipe
  • Point of departure / Chris Raschka
  • Point of departure / David Wiesner
  • Comics and graphic novels / Robin Brenner
  • Point of departure / Gareth Hinds
  • Point of departure / Raina Telgemeier
  • A burgeoning field or a sorry state: U.S. poetry for children, 1800-present / Laura Apol and Janine L. Certo
  • Point of departure / Janet S. Wong
  • Nonfiction literature for children: old assumptions and new directions / Barbara Kiefer and Melissa I. Wilson
  • Point of departure / Penny Colman
  • Genre as nexus: the novel for children and young adults / Mike Cadden
  • Point of departure / Philip Pullman
  • Young adult literature: growing up, in theory / Karen Coats
  • Point of departure / Markus Zusak
  • Reading indigeneity: the ethics of interpretation and representation / Clare Bradford
  • Point of departure / Joseph Bruchac
  • Literary studies, cultural studies, children's literature, and the case of Jeff Smith / Roderick McGillis
  • Point of departure / David Filipi
  • Point of departure / Lucy Shelton Caswell, David Filipi, and Jeff Smith
  • Ideology and children's books / Robyn McCallum and John Stephens
  • Point of departure / M.T. Anderson
  • The author's perspective / Claudia Mills
  • Point of departure / Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • Archives and special collections devoted to children's and young adult literature / Karen Nelson Hoyle
  • Point of departure / Leonard S. Marcus
  • Pt. 3. The world around. Where worlds meet / Ana Maria Machado
  • Point of departure / Katherine Paterson
  • Translation and crosscultural reception / Maria Nikolajeva
  • Point of departure / Tara F. Chace
  • The implied reader of the translation / Petros Panaou and Tasoula Tsilimeni
  • Point of departure / Kostia Kontoleon
  • International communities building places for youth reading / Michael Daniel Ambatchew
  • Point of departure / Jane Kurtz
  • Point of departure / Yohannes Gebregeorgis
  • Censorship: book challenges, challenging books, and young readers / Christine A. Jenkins
  • Reviewing children's and young adult literature / Michael Cart
  • Awards in literature for children and adolescents / Junko Yokota
  • The economics of children's book publishing in the 21st century / Joel Taxel
  • Spinning off: toys, television, tie-ins, and technology / Margaret Mackey
  • Listening for the scratch of a pen: museums devoted to children's and young adult literature / Elizabeth Hammill.