The will to power the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche /

Professor Robert Solomon and Kathleen Higgins takes us on an emotional journey of discovery into the heart and mind of this systematically unsystematic philosopher. The course is divided into two parts and twenty-four lectures. Each lecture focuses on the specific ideas that preoccupied Nietzsche, w...

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Main Author: Solomon, Robert C.
Other Authors: Higgins, Kathleen Marie., Teaching Company.
Format: Cassette
Language: English
Published: Springfield, VA : Teaching Co., 1999.
Physical Description: 12 audiocassettes (approximately 60 min. each) : analog, Dolby processed + 2 course guidebooks (22 cm.)
Series: Great courses on tape (Audiocassette)
Table of Contents:
  • part 1: lecture 1: Why read Nietzsche? His life, times, works and themes
  • lecture 2: Quashing the rumors about Nietzsche
  • lecture 3: The fusion of philosophy and psychology
  • lecture 4: "God is dead"-Nietzsche and Christianity
  • lecture 5: Nietzsche and the Greeks
  • lecture 6: "Why the Greeks were so beautiful"-Nietzsche on tragedy
  • lecture 7: Nietzsche and Schopenhauer on pessimism
  • lecture 8: Nietzsche, Jesus, Zarathustra
  • lecture 9: Nietzsche on reason, instinct, and passion
  • lecture 10: Nietzsche's style and the problem of truth
  • lecture 11: Nietzsche on truth and interpretation
  • lecture 12: "Become who you are"-Freedom, fate and free will
  • part 2: lecture 13: Nietzsche as moral psychologist-love, resentment, and pity
  • lecture 14: Nietzsche on love
  • lecture 15: Nietzsche on women
  • lecture 16: Nietzsche's top ten
  • lecture 17: Nietzsche on history and evolution
  • lecture 18: What is nihilism? The problem of asceticism
  • lecture 19: The ranking of values-morality and modernity
  • lecture 20: Nietzsche's "immoralism"-virtue, self, and selfishness
  • lecture 21: On the genealogy of morals-master and slave morality
  • lecture 22: Resentment, revenge, and justice
  • lecture 23: The will to power and the Übermensch
  • lecture 24: Eternal recurrence-Nietzsche says "yes!" to life.