Mourning animals rituals and practices surrounding animal death /

Other Authors: DeMello, Margo,
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: East Lansing : Michigan State University Press, [2016]
Physical Description: xxvii, 229 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Series: Animal turn.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : who goes to the rainbow bridge? : conceptions of the afterlife for non-human animals / Margo DeMello
  • Photo essay : discarded property / Shannon Johnstone
  • More than just a bag of bones : a history of animal burials / Ivy D. Collier
  • Mourning the sacrifice : behavior and meaning behind animal burials / James Morris
  • Killing (constructed) horses : interspecies elders, empathy and emotion in the Pazyryk horse sacrifices / Gala Argent
  • The issue of animals' souls within the anglican debate in the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries / Alma Massaro
  • Photo essay : hartsdale pet cemetery / Liza Wallis Margulies
  • All the world and a little bit more : pet cemetery practices and contemporary relations between humans and their companion animals / Micha Piotr Pregowski
  • "To all that fly or crawl" : a recent history of mourning for animals in Korea / Elmer Veldkamp
  • Freeze-drying fido : the uncanny aesthetics of modern taxidermy / Christina Colvin
  • Clutching at straws : dogs, death, and frozen semen / Chrissie Wanner
  • "I remember everything" : children, companion animals and a relational pedagogy of remembrance / Joshua Russell
  • On cats and contradictions : mourning animal death in an english community / Becky Tipper
  • "So sorry for the loss of your little friend" : pets' grievability in condolence cards for humans mourning animals / David Redmalm
  • Photo essay: claire's last days / Julia Schlosser
  • Britain at war : remembering and forgetting the animal dead of the Second World War / Hilda Kean
  • Now on exhibit : our affection for, remembrance of, and tributes to non-human animals in museums / Carolyn Merino Mullin
  • Photo essay: another death / Emma Kisiel
  • In the heart of every horse : combating a history of slaughter in the memorialization of thoroughbred racehorses / Tamar V.S. McKee
  • Creating carnivores and cannibals : animal feed and the regulation of grief / Keridiana Chez
  • Mourning the mundane : memorializing road kill in North America / Linda Monahan
  • Photo essay: the unmourned / Linda Brant
  • Beyond coping : active mourning in the animal sheltering community / Jessica Austin
  • Mourning for animals : a companion animal veterinarian's perspective / Anne Fawcett
  • You're my sanctuary : grief, vulnerability, and unexpected secondary losses for animal advocates mourning a companion animal / Nicole R. Pallotta
  • Keeping ghosts close : care and grief at sanctuaries / Lori Gruen and Pattrice Jones
  • Grieving "at a distance" / Teja Brooks Pribac
  • Photo essay: the death of a pig / Jo-Anne McArthur.