Handbook of research on special education teacher preparation edited by Paul T. Sindelar, Erica D. McCray, Mary T. Brownell, and Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft.

Other Authors: Sindelar, Paul T.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Routledge, 2014.
Physical Description: xxvii, 495 pages ; 26 cm.
Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: pt. I Overview
  • 1.The Policy and Economic Contexts of Teacher Education' / Christopher D. Leko
  • 2.Federal Support for Personnel Development in Special Education: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and a Look to the Future / Joshua Barton
  • 3.Patterns of Licensure for Special Education Teachers / Trisha Steinbrecher
  • 4.Preparing Teachers to Work With Students With Disabilities: An International Perspective / Lani Florian
  • pt. II Problems
  • 5.Teacher Demand, Supply, and Shortage in Special Education: A National Perspective / Erling E. Boe
  • 6.Recruiting and Retaining Teachers and Administrators in Special Education / Margaret L. Kamman
  • 7.Equity Challenges in the Accountability Age: Demographic Representation and Distribution in the Teacher Workforce / Lisa Lacy
  • pt. III Program Design and Delivery
  • Contents note continued: 8.Examining Indicators of Teacher Education Program Quality: Intersections Between General and Special Education / Kristina Hernandez Taylor
  • 9.Working Together: Research on the Preparation of General Education and Special Education Teachers for Inclusion and Collaboration / Mildred Boveda
  • 10.Field Experiences and Instructional Pedagogies in Teacher Education: What We Know, Don't Know, and Must Learn Soon / Michael Jabot
  • 11.Technology and Teacher Education / Michael J. Kennedy
  • 12.Preparing Teachers to Work With Diverse Populations / Cynthia Coss Baughan
  • 13.Alternative Routes to Special Education Teacher Preparation: Context, Outcomes, and Implications / Kristine E. Larson
  • pt. IV Teacher Education Pedagogy
  • 14.Teacher Preparation: Principles of Effective Pedagogy / Shannon Harris
  • 15.Preparing Special Educators to Teach Literacy / Melinda M. Leko
  • 16.Teacher Preparation: Mathematics / Tracy G. Ulrich
  • Contents note continued: 17.Special Education Teacher Preparation in Classroom Organization and Behavior Management / Daniel J. Reschly
  • pt. V Preparation for Specific Student Populations
  • 18.Research on the Preparation of Teachers of Students With Severe Disabilities / Victoria Knight
  • 19.Teacher Preparation for Students Who Demonstrate Challenging Behaviors / Elizabeth Bettini
  • 20.Preparation of Teachers for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing / Karl R. White
  • 21.Personnel Preparation in Visual Impairment / Kim Zebehazy
  • pt. VI Preparation for Specific Roles
  • 22.Educator Preparation Within the Context of School-Wide Positive Behavior and Academic Supports / Cathy Newman Thomas
  • 23.Teacher Preparation: Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education / Katherine B. Green
  • 24.Preparing Secondary Special Educators and Transition Specialists / Beth Clavenna-Deane
  • pt. VII Teacher Quality
  • Contents note continued: 25.Dimensions of Teacher Quality in General and Special Education / Amber Benedict
  • 26.Qualitative Research on Special Education Teacher Preparation / Miriam Lipsky
  • 27.The "Wicked Question" of Teacher Education Effects and What to Do About It / Jenna-Kimerling.