Call Number (LC) Title Results
UA832 .S44 2002 Security in the Persian Gulf : origins, obstacles, and the search for consensus 1
UA832.2 .F38 2003 Faultlines of conflict in Central Asia and the south Caucasus : implications for the U.S. Army 1
UA835 .J6 1971 Party and army: professionalism and political control in the Chinese officer corps, 1949-1964 1
UA835 .S3797 2003 China's use of military force : beyond the Great Wall and the long march 1
UA835 .S44 1985 Defending China 1
UA837 .D66 The Red Army in Kiangsi, 1931-1934 1
UA837 .H754 The military establishment of the Yuan dynasty 1
UA837 .R5 1964 The Chinese Red Army, 1927-1963; an annotated bibliography 1
UA839.Y86 S97 1980 Provincial militarism and the Chinese Republic : the Yunnan Army, 1905-25 1
UA839.3 .B8 China and the peace of Asia 1
UA839.3 .G4 The Chinese Communist Army in action; the Korean War and its aftermath 1
UA839.3 .H8 The security of China; Chinese approaches to problems of war and strategy 1
UA842 .F37 1989 Armies of the Raj : from the mutiny to independence, 1858-1947 1
UA845 .K68162 2013 An inoffensive rearmament : the making of the postwar Japanese Army 1
UA847 .H86 1995 The way of the heavenly sword : the Japanese Army in the 1920's 1
UA853.I5 S33 2006 Realpolitik ideology : Indonesia's use of military force 1
UA853.I8 F44 1982 Israeli nuclear deterrence : a strategy for the 1980s 1
UA853.I8 H47 1991 The Samson option : Israel's nuclear arsenal and American foreign policy 1
UA853.I8 L87 1975 The Israeli Army 1
UA853 .I8R67 1979 The anatomy of the Israeli army : the Israel Defence Force, 1948-78 1