Call Number (LC) Title Results
TS156 .H34 1987 The improvement process : how America's leading companies improve quality 1
TS156 .H88 1991 Introduction to quality : control, assurance, and management 1
TS156 .H895 1994 ISO 9000 : motivating the people, mastering the process, achieving registration 1
TS156 .I83 1986 Guide to quality control 1
TS156 .I838 1995 The ISO 9000 handbook 1
TS156 .J656 1993 ISO 9000 : meeting the new international standards 1
TS156 .J79 1989 Juran on leadership for quality : an executive handbook 1
TS156 .J85 1988 Juran on planning for quality 1
TS156 .J854 1992 Juran on quality by design : the new steps for planning quality into goods and services 1
TS156 .J87 1988 Juran's quality control handbook 1
TS156 .L375 2005 The lean Six Sigma pocket toolbook : a quick reference guide to nearly 100 tools for improving process quality, speed, and complexity 1
TS156 .M64 1991 Introduction to statistical quality control 1
TS156 .P263 2000 The Six Sigma way : how GE, Motorola, and other top companies are honing their performance 1
TS156 .P692 1990 Right every time : using the Deming approach 1
TS156 .P76 1991 Profiles in quality : blueprints for action from 50 leading companies 1
TS156 .Q3 A5 ASTM manual on quality control of materials : Part 1-Presentation of Data. Part 2-Presenting ± Limits of Uncertainty of an Observed Average. Part 3-Control Chart Method of Analysis and Presentation of Data 1
TS156 .R67 1988 Taguchi techniques for quality engineering : loss function, orthogonal experiments, parameter and tolerance design 1
TS156 .S358 1992 The Deming route to quality and productivity : road maps and roadblocks 1
TS156 .S366 1988 The good and the bad news about quality 1
TS156 .T343 2005 Taguchi's quality engineering handbook 1