Call Number (LC) Title Results
TN7 .M52 1978 v.2 Mineral property economics 1
TN7 .M52 1978 v.3 Mineral property economics 1
TN9 .D56 Dictio̦nar poliglot de mine, geologie si ̦petrol-extractie̦ : engleză, română, germană, franceză, rusă 1
TN9 .T5 A dictionary of mining, mineral, and related terms 1
TN10 .C3 1968 International dictionary of metallurgy, mineralogy, geology : mining and oil industries; in four languages, English, French, German, Italian 1
TN10 .H2 1926 A dictionary of Spanish, Spanish-American, Portuguese and Portuguese-American mining, metallurgical and allied terms 1
TN10 .W67 1975 World mining glossary of mining, processing, and geological terms : English, Svenska, Deutsch, Français, Español 1
TN15 .P37 1971 Mining lore; an illustrated composition and documentary compilation with emphasis on the spirit and history of mining 1
TN15 .R5 1974 Man and metals 1
TN15 .S53 Earth resources 1
TN15 .S84 The story of metals 1
TN15 .T45 Mining; an international history 1
TN15 .Y58 1990 Mineral resources and the destinies of nations 1
TN19 .A5 Seventy-five years of progress in the mineral industry, 1871-1946; including the Proceedings of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and World Conference on Mineral Resources, March 17th, 18th, 19th, 1947 1
TN19 .L6 Minerals in world affairs 1
TN19 .M2 Minerals and men; an exploration of the world of minerals and its effect on the world we live in 1
TN19 .M2 1974 Minerals and men : an exploration of the world of minerals and metals, including some of the major problems that are posed 1
TN19 .S7 1920 Political and commercial geology and the world's mineral resources : a series of studies by specialists 1
TN19 .U65 1937 Mineral raw materials; survey of commerce and sources in major industrial countries 1
TN22 .I5 1979 v.l Proceedings of the fifth quadrennial IAGOD symposium : volume I ; papers presented at the Symposium on topics related to general problems on the genesis of ore deposits and on studies of the ore geology of specific districts or deposits (exclusive of Western North America) 1