Call Number (LC) Title Results
TL570 .M3823 2014 Understanding aerodynamics : arguing from the real physics 1
TL570 .P4 Airplane performance stability and control 1
TL570 .S462 1983 Fundamentals of flight 1
TL570 .S56 1992 The illustrated guide to aerodynamics 1
TL570 .T4613 1996 The simple science of flight : from insects to jumbo jets 1
TL570 .V572 1959 Theory of flight 1
TL570 .W4 1997 What makes airplanes fly? : history, science, and applications of aerodynamics 1
TL571 .L55 Higher approximations in aerodynamic theory 1
TL574.B6 .S283 1960 Boundary layer theory 1
TL574.C4 P3 Introduction to the theory of compressible flow 1
TL574.D7 S5 Shape and flow; the fluid dynamics of drag 1
TL574.S6 L66 2006 Spinning flight : dynamics of frisbees, boomerangs, samaras, and skipping stones 1
TL586 .D6 1957 The American flight navigator 1
TL610 .F5 The balloon book 1
TL616 .J33 The aeronauts 1
TL616 .S7 Skyhooks 1
TL618 .C76 1983 The eagle aloft : two centuries of the balloon in America 1
TL650 .C63 1974 The airship : a history 1
TL657 .B67 The giant airships 1
TL657 .R6 1973 Giants in the sky: a history of the rigid airship 1