Call Number (LC) Title Results
TD428.A37 T47 1996 Water quality indicators guide : surface waters 1
TD428.C58 N38 1990 Surface coal mining effects on ground water recharge 1
TD428.U73 U73 2015 Uranium : sources, exposure and environmental effects 1
TD429 .A425 2022 The water recycling revolution : tapping into the future 1
TD429 .G38 Wastewater reuse 1
TD429 .L83 2020 Create an oasis with greywater : integrated design for water conservation : reuse, rainwater harvesting & sustainable landscaping 1
TD429 .R55 Utilization of waste heat from power plants 1
TD429 .W38 Water re-use & the cities 1
TD430 .A6 1971 Water quality and treatment; a handbook of public water supplies 1
TD430 .B38 1968B Water is everybody's business; the chemistry of water purification 1
TD430 .C75 2023 Stantec's water treatment : principles and design 1
TD430 .D76 1997 Theory and practice of water and wastewater treatment 1
TD430 .D764 2013 Water and wastewater treatment : a guide for the nonengineering professional 1
TD430 .G45 2018 Water operator certification exam prep 1
TD430 .H6 1957 Hoover's water supply and treatment 1
TD430 .J3 1965 Water treatment; a guide to the treatment of water and effluents purification 1
TD430 .L37 2010 Math handbook for wastewater treatment plant operators : math fundamentals and problem solving 1
TD430 .N6 Water treatment for industrial and other uses 1
TD430 .S47 2003 Physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater 1
TD430 .W365 2011 Water quality & treatment : a handbook on drinking water 1