Call Number (LC) Title Results
TD 2.2:2002027023 Life-cycle cost analysis primer 1
TD 2.2:2003003569 Summary of vehicle detection and surveillance technologies used in intelligent transportation systems 1
TD 2.2:2003018726 HERS-ST Highway Economic Requirements System--State Version : pilot program report 1
TD 2.2:2004007030 Global positioning systems for personal travel surveys Lexington area travel data collection test : final report : a report to Office of Highway Information Management, Office of Technology Application, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation 1
TD 2.2:97016010 Our nation's highways selected facts and figures 1
TD 2.2:97018685 Summary of national and regional travel trends, 1970-1995 1
TD 2.2:97029242 Highway Trust Fund, primer 1
TD 2.2:Ac 2/3 Interstate system accident research study--1 1
TD 2.2:AC 7 National acquisition and relocation statistics : an overview of the 90's. 1
TD 2.2:AD 9/2 Control of outdoor advertising orientation 1
TD 2.2:AI 2/2 The role of the Federal-Aid Division in highway safety safety at a crossroad 1
TD 2.2:AM 3/3/776-976 America's highways, 1776-1976 : a history of the Federal-aid program 1
TD 2.2:Am 3/4 Plant a legacy : support "America's treeways." 1
TD 2.2:AS 7 The Association of median width and highway accident rate 1
TD 2.2:AS 7/2 Asset management primer 1
TD 2.2:AW 1 NQI achievement awards, 1999 : National Quality Initiative 1
TD 2.2:B 43 Review of ITS benefits emerging successes 1
TD 2.2:B 47/4 National bicycling and walking study : interim report 1
TD 2.2:B 47/5 Bicycle and pedestrian provisions under the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991 : a summary 1
TD 2.2:B 63/ Transportation plan and implementation program, annual report 1