Call Number (LC) Title Results
SF997 .W68 no.64 Nematode parasites of waterfowl (Anseriformes) from western United States 1
SF997 .W68 no.66 Avian haematozoa. 1, A color pictorial guide to some species of Haemoproteus, Leucocytozoon, and Trypanosoma 1
SF997 .W68 no.67 Duck plague in free-flying waterfowl 1
SF997 .W68 no.68 Avian haematozoa. 2, Taxonomic keys and color pictorial guide to the species of Plasmodium 1
SF997.5.E95 J83 2017 Exotic animal care & management 1
SF997.5.N44 D57 1988 v.1 Diseases of Nematodes 1
SF997.5.N44 D57 1988 v.2 Diseases of Nematodes 1
SH35.C6 W53 Pre-impoundment investigations of the Curecanti Unit : Upper Colorado River Storage Project 1
SH135 .A3513 1990 v.1 Aquaculture 1
SH135 .A3513 1990 v.2 Aquaculture 1
SH135 .B37 Aquaculture; the farming and husbandry of freshwater and marine organisms 1
SH135 .B67 Seafarm : the story of aquaculture 1
SH135 .B76 World fish farming : cultivation and economics 1
SH135 .R43 1982 Recent advances in aquaculture 1
SH135 .S75 Principles of warmwater aquaculture 1
SH135 .T78 2019 Understanding aquaculture 1
SH135 .W49 Aquacultural engineering 1
SH138 .I93 1976 Farming the edge of the sea 1
SH138 .O6 Open sea mariculture; perspectives, problems, and prospects 1
SH151 .B84 Fish farming handbook : food, bait, tropicals, and goldfish 1