Call Number (LC) Title Results
S 1.2:N 81/3 Northern European Initiative 1
S 1.2:N 81/4 The origins of NATO : the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1
S 1.2:N 86 What do I do now? : a sourcebook on regulations, allowances, and finances 1
S. 1.2:OF 2 A guide for responsible officers and alternate responsible officers 1
S 1.2:Of 2/1778-1990 Principal officers of the Department of State and United States chiefs of mission, 1778-1990 1
S 1.2:ON 5/999 U.S. Department of State, 1
S 1.2:Ov 2/2 OSAC : the Overseas Security Advisory Council 1
S 1.2:OV 2/3/994 Overseas Schools Advisory Council : who supports it? why should I? 1
S 1.2:P 21/2/995 International parental child abduction 1
S 1.2:P 26/26/ Information for passport applicants 1
S 1.2:P 26/30/2003 Passports : applying for them the easy way 1
S 1.2:P 26/31 Your passport to a safe trip abroad 1
S 1.2:P 31/25/984 The Quest for peace : principal United States public statements and related documents on the Arab-Israeli peace process, 1967-1983 1
S 1.2:P 31/26 U.S. support for peaceful nuclear cooperation 1
S 1.2:P 39/3 People and the tropical forest : a research report from the United States Man and the Biosphere Program 1
S 1.2:P 43 Peru investigation report the April 20, 2001 Peruvian shootdown accident 1
S 1.2:P 43/4 Report of the Commission on the Foreign Service Personnel System 1
S 1.2:P 64 The future of El Pilar the integrated research & development plan for the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna, Belize-Guatemala : results of the the Mesa Redonda El Pilar, Mexico City, January 1997 = Vision futura de El Pilar : plan integrado de investigacion y desarrollo de la Reserva Arqueologica El Pilar para la Flora y Fauna Mayas, Belice-Guatemala : de acuerdo a la Mesa Redonda El Pilar, Ciudad de Mexico, Enero 1997 1
S 1.2:P 64/2 GEC special report : pillars of Russia's disinformation and propaganda ecosystem 1
S 1.2:P 64/2/PORTUGUESE Relatório especial do GEC : pilares do ecossistema de desinformaca̧̋o e propaganda da Rússia 1