Call Number (LC) Title Results
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RC367 .C28 What price alcohol? A practical discussion of the causes and treatment of alcoholism 1
RC367 .H18 Alcohol explored 1
RC372 .L56 Living with epileptic seizures 1
RC372 .M95 Petit mal epilepsy : a search for the precursors of wave-spike activity 1
RC372 .S35 1973 About epilepsy 1
RC375 .K87 1999 A cursing brain? : the histories of Tourette syndrome 1
RC377 .B87 2002 Multiple sclerosis : theory and practice for nurses : an interdisciplinary approach to providing patient-centred care for people with MS and their families 1
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RC377 .F873 2008 When the diagnosis is multiple sclerosis : help, hope, and insights from an affected physician 1
RC377 .M25 1996 Waist-high in the world : a life among the nondisabled 1
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RC377 .M358 1987 Mastering multiple sclerosis : a guide to management 1
RC377 .M85 2019 Multiple sclerosis and related disorders : clinical guide to diagnosis, medical management, and rehabilitation 1
RC377 .N53 1999 Women living with multiple sclerosis 1
RC377 .S65 1984 MS--something can be done and you can do it : a new approach to understanding and managing multiple sclerosis 1
RC377 .W854 1993 Vignettes : stories from lives with multiple sclerosis 1
RC385 .S44 2009 Sensory integration : a compendium of leading scholarship 1
RC386 .F55 2001 Neurobehavioral anatomy 1
RC386.2 .D448 1983 Nutrition and brain development 1