Call Number (LC) Title Results
R690 .F55 2008 Career coach : managing your career in the health care industry 1
R690 .F74 Profession of medicine; a study of the sociology of applied knowledge 1
R690 .H37 Role theory : perspectives for health professionals 1
R690 .L66 Listen to leaders in medicine 1
R690 .M333 2000 Resumes for the health care professional 1
R690 .N86 2003 Employee retention : solving the healthcare crisis 1
R690 .R48 2009 Resumes for health and medical careers 1
R690 .S26 2019 Medical office professionals : a practical career guide 1
R690 .Y35 2003 The Yale guide to careers in medicine & the health professions : pathways to medicine in the twenty-first century 1
R692 .A24 1991 Woman as healer 1
R692 .B675 2008 The changing face of medicine : women doctors and the evolution of health care in America 1
R692 .B745 1994 The Briles report on women in healthcare : changing conflict to collaboration in a toxic workplace 1
R692 .D34 1992 A history of women's contribution to world health 1
R692 .E35 1973b Witches, midwives, and nurses : a history of women healers 1
R692 .G72 2010 On the field of mercy : women medical volunteers from the Civil War to the First World War 1
R692 .L65 Women in medicine 1
R692 .L83 1998 Medicine women : the story of early-American women doctors 1
R692 .M34 Women in white 1
R692 .M64 1985 Sympathy and science : women physicians in American medicine 1
R692 .M645 1999 Restoring the balance : women physicians and the profession of medicine, 1850-1995 1