Call Number (LC) Title Results
QL85 .R623 2021 Fuzz : when nature breaks the law 1
QL85 .R63 2019 Animal city : the domestication of America 1
QL85 .S49 1996 The others : how animals made us human 1
QL85 .S626 2016 The social neuroscience of human-animal interaction 1
QL87.5 .M68 2016 Mourning animals : rituals and practices surrounding animal death 1
QL88 .A44 Vanishing wildlife of North America 1
QL88 .D39 The doomsday book of animals : a natural history of vanished species 1
QL88 .F48 Wildlife in danger 1
QL88 .M55 The cougar doesn't live here any more 1
QL88 .W45 2020 Lost animals : extinct, endangered, and rediscovered species 1
QL88 .W6 Animals in danger; the story of vanishing American wildlife 1
QL88.5 .W37 1992 On Methuselah's trail : living fossils and the great extinctions 1
QL89 .H4413 1968 In the wake of the sea-serpents 1
QL89 .M22 Searching for hidden animals 1
QL89 .N36 1973a Bigfoot : the yeti and sasquatch in myth and reality 1
QL89 .T37 1971 In pursuit of the Abominable Snowman 1
QL89.2.L6 M47 Search at Loch Ness : the expedition of the New York times and the Academy of Applied Science 1
QL89.2.S2 M36 Manlike monsters on trial : early records and modern evidence 1
QL89.2.S2 W94 1980 Bigfoot : a personal inquiry into a phenomenon 1
QL100 .D6 1968 Poisonous dwellers of the desert 1