Call Number (LC) Title Results
QK47 .C893 1964 The story of the plant kingdom 1
QK47 .C8948 Basic botany 1
QK47 .D47 Modern plant biology 1
QK47 .F88 1963 The plant world; a text in college botany 1
QK47 .G7 1858a Botany for young people and common schools : how plants grow, a simple introduction to structural botany : with a popular flora, or an arrangement and description of common plants, both wild and cultivated : illustrated by 500 wood engravings 1
QK47 .G83 1976 Plants : an introduction to modern botany 1
QK47 .H84 Botany : basic concepts in plant biology 1
QK47 .M8 1974 Botany; a functional approach 1
QK47 .P63 Plants, people, and environment 1
QK47 .R25 1981 Biology of plants 1
QK47 .R25 2013 Biology of plants 1
QK47 .R542 1964 Botany, an introduction to plant science 1
QK47 .S3 Plants and their uses; an introduction to botany 1
QK47 .S6 1963 Botany: principles and problems 1
QK47 .S836 1982 Introductory plant biology 1
QK47 .S8913 1976 Strasburger's Textbook of botany 1
QK47 .T63 Humanistic botany 1
QK47 .W44 1974 Botany, an introduction to plant biology 1
QK48 .B59 1977 The plant kingdom 1
QK50 .C85 How to know the spring flowers; pictured-keys for determining the more common spring-flowering herbaceous plant with suggestions and aids for their study 1