Call Number (LC) Title Results
QH652 .O2 Radiation, radioactivity, and insects 1
QH652 .P59 1975 Basic radiation biology 1
QH652 .S52 Atomic energy encyclopedia in the life sciences. Editor and major contributor: Charles Wesley Shilling, with the assistance of Miriam Teed Shilling 1
QH652.5 .W3 1963 Radiation, genes and man; biological aspects of radiation hazards 1
QH671 .A65 2000 Apoptosis 1
QH705 .C4 1990 Mathematical bioeconomics : the optimal management of renewable resources 1
QH705 .P74 1986 The first resource : wild species in the North American economy 1
QK1 .F67 v.36 Progress in botany. Forschritte der Botanik 1
QK1 .N525 v.27 Daleae imagines ; an illustrated revision of Errazuriza Philippi, Psorothamnus Rydberg, Marina Leibmann, and Dalea Lucanus emend. Barneby, including all species of Leguminosae tribe Amorpheae Borissova ever referred to Dalea 1
QK3 .K58 Selected botanical papers 1
QK7 .C47 2017 Plants of the world : an illustrated encyclopedia of vascular plants 1
QK9 .H37 2001 Plant identification terminology : an illustrated glossary 1
QK9 .L735 A dictionary of botany 1
QK9 .U6 1968 Dictionary of economic plants 1
QK11 .A5 1942 Standardized plant names 1
QK11 .M29 1987 The plant-book : a portable dictionary of the higher plants utilising Cronquist's An integrated system of classification of flowering plants (1981) and current botanical literature arranged largely on the principles of editions 1-6 (1896/97-1931) of Willis's A dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns 1
QK11 .S56 1972b A gardener's dictionary of plant names; a handbook on the origin and meaning of some plant names 1
QK13 .H68 1974 A dictionary of useful and everyday plants and their common names 1
QK13 .L5 1974 What's in the names of flowers 1
QK15 .H53 An herbal (1525) 1