Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE89 .S6 no.53 Igneous and metamorphic rocks of parts of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.54 Age determination of some granitic rocks in California by the potassium-argon method 1
QE89 .S6 no.55 Franciscan chert in California concrete aggregates : With a table by Ira E. Klein 1
QE89 .S6 no.56 Geology and economic possibilities of the limestone and dolomite deposits of the northern Gabilan Range, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.57 San Francisco earthquakes of March 1957 1
QE89 .S6 no.58 Geology of limestone and dolomite deposits in the southern half of Standard quadrangle : Tuolumne County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.59 Mineralogy of beach sands between Halfmoon and Monterey Bays, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.60 Tertiary volcanic domes near Jackson, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.65 Geology of the San Bernardino Mountains north of Big Bear Lake, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.67 Geology and mineral deposits of the Colfax and Foresthill quadrangles, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.68 Igneous and metamorphic rocks of the western portion of Joshua Tree National Monument, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.69 Clay minerals in the Playa sediments of the Mojave Desert, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.71 Geology of the Butler estate chromite mines : southwestern Fresno County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.72 Geology of the Little Antelope Valley clay deposits, Mono County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.73 Economic geology of the Panamint Butte quadrangle and Modoc district, Inyo County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.74 Index to graduate theses and dissertations on California geology to December 31,1961 1
QE89 .S6 no.75 Exploration and development of geothermal power in California 1
QE89 .S6 no.76 Recent volcanism at Amboy Crater : San Bernardino County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.77 Geology and mineral deposits of the Ord Mountain District, San Bernardino County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.78 Age and structural relationships of the Franciscan formation in the Montara Mountain quadrangle : San Mateo County, California 1