Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE89 .S6 no.17 Suggestions for exploration at New Almaden Quicksilver Mine, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.18 Geology of the Whittier-La Habra area : Los Angeles County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.19 Geology and ceramic properties of the Ione formation, Buena Vista area : Amador County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.20 Geology of the Superior talc area / Death Valley, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.21 Geology of Burruel Ridge : northwestern Santa Ana Mountains, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.22 Geology of Las Trampas Ridge : Berkeley Hills, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.23 Exploratory wells drilled outside of oil and gas fields in California : to December 31, 1950 1
QE89 .S6 no.24 Geology of the Lebec quadrangle, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.25 Rocks and structure of the Quartz Spring area : northern Panamint Range, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.26 Geology of the southern Ridge basin, Los Angeles County, California : with a section on economic geology 1
QE89 .S6 no.27 Alkali-aggregate reaction in California concrete aggregates 1
QE89 .S6 no.28 Geology of the Mammoth Mine : Shasta County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.29 Geology and ore deposits of the Afterthought Mine : Shasta County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.30 Geology of the southern part of the Quail quadrangle, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.31 Geology of the Johnston Grade area : San Bernardino County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.32 Geological investigations of strontium deposits in southern California 1
QE89 .S6 no.33 Geology of the Griffith Park area : Los Angeles County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.34 Geology of the Santa Rosa lead mine : Inyo County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.35 Tungsten deposits of Madera, Fresno, and Tulare Counties, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.36 Geology of the Palen Mountains gypsum deposit : Riverside County, California 1