Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE89 .P7 no.14 Suppl. Geology and mineral resources study of southern Ventura County, California 1
QE89 .P76 2017 California's amazing geology 1
QE89 .R4 1951 Geology of California 1
QE89 .S59 no.41 Basic placer mining 1
QE89 .S59 no.50 Colemanite deposits near Kramer Junction, San Bernardino County, California 1
QE89 .S59 no.63 Status of volcanic prediction and emergency response capabilities in volcanic hazard zones of California : proceedings of a Workshop on Volcanic Hazards in California, December 3-4, 1981, Sacramento, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.1-A Sierra Blanca limestone in Santa Barbara County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.1-B The Calera limestone in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.2 Geology of part of the Delta-Mendota Canal : near Tracy, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.3 Commercial "Black granite" of San Diego County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.4 Geology of the San Dieguito pyrophyllite area : San Diego County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.5 Geology of the Jurupa Mountains, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.6 Geology of Bitterwater Creek area : Kern County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.7-A Gem- and lithium-bearing pegmatites of the Pala district, San Diego County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.7-B Economic geology of the Rincon pegmatites, San Diego County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.8 Talc deposits of steatite grade : Inyo County, California. Prepared in cooperation with the U. S. Geological Survey 1
QE89 .S6 no.9 Type Moreno formation and overlying Eocene strata on the West Side of the San Joaquin Valley : Fresno and Merced Counties, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.10-A Nephrite jade and associated rocks of the Cape San Martin region : Monterey County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.10-B Nephrite in Marin County, California 1
QE89 .S6 no.10-C Jadeite of San Benito County, California 1