Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE86.Y8 M5 1966a Structure and petrology of the southern half of the Plomosa Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona 1
QE87 .B8 no.1 Upper Cretaceous formations of southwestern Arkansas 1
QE89 .A84 2016 Roadside geology of northern and central California 1
QE89 .B8 no.3 The gas and petroleum yielding formations of the central valley of California 1
QE89 .B8 no.11 Oil and gas yielding formations of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties . 1
QE89 .B8 no.24 The saline deposits of California 1
QE89 .B8 no.50 The copper resources of California : issued by the California state mining bureau . 1
QE89 .B8 no.65 Mineral production for 1912 1
QE89 .B8 no.68 Mineral production for 1913 1
QE89 .B8 no.70 Mineral production for 1914, with mining law appendix 1
QE89 .B8 no.71 California mineral production for 1915 : with mining law appendix and county maps 1
QE89 .B8 no.74 California mineral production for 1916, with county maps 1
QE89 .B8 no.76 Manganese and chromium in California 1
QE89 .B8 no.78 Quicksilver resources of California : with a section on metallurgy and ore-dressing 1
QE89 .B8 no.79 Magnesite in California 1
QE89 .B8 no.83 California mineral production for 1917, with county maps 1
QE89 .B8 no.86 California mineral production for 1918 1
QE89 .B8 no.88 California mineral production for 1919, with county maps 1
QE89 .B8 no.90 California mineral production for 1920, with county maps 1
QE89 .B8 no.99 The clay resources and the ceramic industry of California 1