Call Number (LC) Title Results
QC929.S7 B4 1962 Snow crystals, by W. A. Bentley and W. J. Humphreys 1
QC929.S7 C62 1971 The San Juan ecology project : an evaluation of the ecological impact of weather modification in the Upper Colorado River Basin; interim progress report for the period September 1970-October 1971 1
QC929.S7 C7 1976A Ecological impacts of snowpack augmentation in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado : final report of the San Juan ecology project : prepared for the Division of Atmospheric Water Resources Management, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior 1
QC929.S7 C72 1970 The San Juan ecology project, phase I : a problem analysis and study plan for an evaluation of the ecological impact of weather modification in the Upper Colorado River Basin ; final report for the period February 1970-August 1970 1
QC929.S7 H6 Ice physics 1
QC929.S7 L3 Field guide to snow crystals 1
QC929.S7 S4 1980 Snow structure and ski fields : being an account of snow and ice forms met with in nature and a study on avalanches and snowcraft 1
QC929.24 .C665 2019 Drought : an interdisciplinary perspective 1
QC929.24 .D75 2005 Drought and water crises : science, technology, and management issues 1
QC929.24 .S54 2011 Drought : past problems and future scenarios 1
QC931 .K27 The riddle of the winds 1
QC933 .H85 2004 Defining the wind : the Beaufort scale, and how a nineteenth-century admiral turned science into poetry 1
QC939.C6 B7 1973 A climatological study of strong downslope winds in the Boulder area 1
QC941 .B25 The nature of violent storms 1
QC941 .E17 1983 Severe and unusual weather 1
QC944 .E43 2005 Divine wind : the history and science of hurricanes 1
QC944 .H92 2004 Hurricanes and typhoons : past, present, and future 1
QC944 .L66 1998 Encyclopedia of hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones 1
QC945 .H864 2003 Hurricane! : coping with disaster : progress and challenges since Galveston, 1900 1
QC945 .J66 1997 The perfect storm : a true story of men against the sea 1