Call Number (LC) Title Results
QC926.32 .K57 1998 Snow 1
QC928 .B7313 Weather modification : prospects and problems 1
QC928 .C65 Ecological effects of weather modification : a problem analysis 1
QC928 .D46 Weather modification by cloud seeding 1
QC928 .F58 2010 Fixing the sky : the checkered history of weather and climate control 1
QC928 .G73 An operational adaptation program of weather modification for the Colorado River Basin; interim report for the period, July 1968-June 1969 1
QC928 .H36 2013 Earthmasters : the dawn of the age of climate engineering 1
QC928 .W38 Weather modification; science and public policy 1
QC928.6 .H9 Augmenting Upper Colorado River basin water supply by weather modification 1
QC928.7 .S69 The rainmakers : American "pluviculture" to World War II 1
QC928.72.C6 W44 Snowpack, cloud-seeding, and the Colorado River; a technology assessment of weather modification 1
QC929 .A8 Avalanche handbook 1
QC929.A8 A7 Development of methodology for evaluation and prediction of avalanche hazard in the San Juan Mountain area of southwestern Colorado 1
QC929.A8 A748 Avalanche hazard in Ouray County, Colorado, 1877-1976 1
QC929.A8 A749 Avalanche atlas, Ouray County, Colorado 1
QC929.A8 A75 Century of struggle against snow : a history of avalanche hazard in San Juan County, Colorado : a contribution to the United States Unesco man and the biosphere (MAB) program project 6, study of the impact of human activities on mountain and tundra ecosystems 1
QC929.A8 A8 The avalanche hunters 1
QC929.A8 A86 Avalanche release and snow characteristics, San Juan Mountains, Colorado : final report 1971-1975 : a contribution to the United States Unesco Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program Project 6, Study of the Impact of Human Activities on Mountain and Tundra Ecosystems 1
QC929.A8 D34 2017 Backcountry avalanche safety : a guide to managing avalanche risk 1
QC929.A8 E53 Destructive mass movements in high mountains : hazard and management 1