Call Number (LC) Title Results
PE2835 .W55 1993 The Columbia guide to standard American English 1
PE2837 .C54 1987 Good words to you : an all-new dictionary and native's guide to the unknown American language 1
PE2837.F7 A368 1991 Adrienne's dictionary : English-French 1
PE2839 .D5 1987 A Dictionary of American idioms : based on the earlier edition 1
PE2839 .M38 1999 Never enough words : how Americans invented expressions as ingenious, ornery, and colorful as themselves 1
PE2841 .H4 1959 American dialects; a manual for actors, directors, and writers 1
PE2843 .D52 1985 v.1 Dictionary of American regional English 1
PE2846 .A44 1983 The language of ethnic conflict : social organization and lexical culture 1
PE2846. C46 1986 New dictionary of American slang 1
PE2846 .F5 I hear America talking : an illustrated treasury of American words and phrases 1
PE2966 .S65 1984 A Southwestern vocabulary : the words they used 1
PE2970.W4 A3 1968 Western words; a dictionary of the American West 1
PE3102.N4 D5 Black English; its history and usage in the United States 1
PE3102.N4 D5 1973 Black English; its history and usage in the United States 1
PE3102.N4 S63 1999 Talkin that talk : language, culture, and education in African America 1
PE3102.N42 H3 The psychology of Black language 1
PE3102.N42 O77 1987 Twice as less : Black English and the performance of black students in mathematics and science 1
PE3243 .D5 A Dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles; dictionary of Canadian English 1
PE3601.Z5 M287 1981 The Macquarie dictionary 1
PE3721 .O94 1992 The Oxford dictionary of modern slang 1