Call Number (LC) Title Results
PS309.H85 W3 1984 God be with the clown : humor in American poetry 1
PS309.L8 F8 1990 The poets of Tin Pan Alley : a history of America's great lyricists 1
PS310.A34 W6 At last, the real distinguished thing : the late poems of Eliot, Pound, Stevens, and Williams 1
PS310.A76 L65 2008 Twentieth-century poetry and the visual arts 1
PS310.C586 E67 2016 Attention equals life : the pursuit of the everyday in contemporary poetry and culture 1
PS310.C62 W47 2004 The colonial moment : discoveries and settlements in modern American poetry 1
PS310.D42 V46 2010 Last looks, last books : Stevens, Plath, Lowell, Bishop, Merrill 1
PS310.F45 M3 1984 An American triptych : Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Adrienne Rich 1
PS310.I5 C6 1972 Imagism; a chapter for the history of modern poetry 1
PS310.I52 F37 1999 The heart as a drum : continuance and resistance in American Indian poetry 1
PS310.I52 L56 2000 Sing with the heart of a bear : fusions of native and American poetry, 1890-1999 1
PS310.M57 D67 1995 The modern voice in American poetry 1
PS310.M57 K67 1995 Ritual and experiment in modern poetry 1
PS310.M65 G64 1994 The American poet at the movies : a critical history 1
PS310.N3 R68 1991 Reading & writing nature : the poetry of Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, and Elizabeth Bishop 1
PS310.N4 C48 2005 "After Mecca" : women poets and the Black Arts Movement 1
PS310.N4 G5 Modern Black poets; a collection of critical essays 1
PS310.N4 M36 2007 Inventing black women : African American women poets and self-representation, 1877-2000 1
PS310.N4 S64 1999 The new red Negro : the literary left and African American poetry, 1930-1946 1
PS310.P6 F56 2008 Counter-revolution of the word : the conservative attack on modern poetry, 1945-1960 1