Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR 43.2:SE 1/R 53/ADD./STRUC Road map for national security addendum on structure and process analyses 1
PR 43.2:SE 1/R 53/FINAL Road map for national security imperative for change : the phase III report of the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century 1
PR 43.2:SE 2/2/2002 Issue review : a review of NSTAC issues addressed through NSTAC XXV 1
PR43.2:SE 2/2006 The national security strategy of the United States of America 1
PR 43.2:SH 2 National strategy for information sharing successes and challenges in improving terrorism-related information sharing 1
PR 43.2:SP 1 A renewed spirit of discovery the President's vision for U.S. space exploration 1
PR 43.2:T 27/2006 National strategy for combating terrorism 1
PR 43.8:AR 7/F 48 Symposium on Film, Television, Digital Media, and Popular Culture May 23-24, 2006, Los Angeles, CA : summary report 1
PR 43.8:AR 7/SA 9 Save America's treasures preserving the legacy of our national experience 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/1 Biotechnology, procreation, and the meaning of human cloning 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/2 Scientific aspects of human and animal cloning 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/3 A Arguments for "reproductive cloning" 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/3 B Arguments against "reproductive cloning" 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/4 Human cloning policy considerations 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/5 On terminology 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/6 The ethics of "reproductive" cloining child, family, and society 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/7 Distinguishing therapy and enhancement 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2002023925/8 Patenting human organisms 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2004014531 Monitoring stem cell research a report of the President's Council on Bioethics 1
PR 43.8:B 52/2004020888 Human cloning and human dignity an ethical inquiry 1