Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN175 .C57 1999 Classical rhetoric for the modern student 1
PN175 .C6 Indirections for those who want to write 1
PN175 .D55 Rhetoric 1
PN175 .R45 1965 The philosophy of rhetoric 1
PN175 .R47 1997 The rhetoric canon 1
PN175 .S15 2009 The SAGE handbook of rhetorical studies 1
PN181 .A8 2004 The AWP official guide to writing programs 1
PN181 .M386 1970 To be a writer a course in creative writing 1
PN183 .B313 1989 Rhetoric 1
PN183 .B83 1996 Toward a feminist rhetoric : the writing of Gertrude Buck 1
PN183 .K4 Classical rhetoric and its Christian and secular tradition from ancient to modern times 1
PN185 .M37 2009 Medieval grammar and rhetoric : language arts and literary theory, AD 300 -1475 1
PN185 .M5 Readings in medieval rhetoric 1
PN185 .M8 2001 Three medieval rhetorical arts 1
PN187 .C38 How to write a saleable story 1
PN187 .F56 Problem-solving strategies for writing 1
PN187 .R44 2008 Rhetoric 1
PN187 .V53 2005 The viability of the rhetorical tradition 1
PN189 .C29 2012 The Cambridge companion to creative writing 1
PN197 .R67 Writing step by step; exercises in structured creativity 1