Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN1009.A1 C5139 v.173 Children's literature review 1
PN1009.A1 C543 1987 Children's books of the year 1
PN1009.A1 C64 1986 Creating connections : books, kits, and games for children : a sourcebook 1
PN1009.A1 C654 1978 The Cool web : the pattern of children's reading 1
PN1009.A1 C697 Crosscurrents of criticism : Horn book essays, 1968-1977 1
PN1009.A1 D35 1998 Children's literature : a guide to information sources 1
PN1009.A1 E15 1966 Good books for children; a selection of outstanding children's books published 1950-65 1
PN1009.A1 E28 Only connect; readings on children's literature 1
PN1009.A1 E32 Thursday's child : trends and patterns in contemporary children's literature 1
PN1009.A1 F46 1968 The child and his book; some account of the history and progress of children's literature in England 1
PN1009.A1 F575 Who's who in children's books : a treasury of the familiar characters of childhood 1
PN1009.A1 F695 2007 Winners! : a closer look at the top-rated children's books of 2006 : the annotated booklist 1
PN1009.A1 G47 1997 Characters in young adult literature 1
PN1009.A1 G54 1978 Children's books for times of stress : an annotated bibliography 1
PN1009.A1 G75 2006 Feeling like a kid : childhood and children's literature 1
PN1009.A1 H2576 2017 Wild things : the joy of reading children's literature as an adult 1
PN1009.A1 H358 1981 The best of children's books, 1964-1978, including 1979 addenda 1
PN1009.A1 H47 2005 From Hinton to Hamlet : building bridges between young adult literature and the classics 1
PN1009.A1 H58 Authors and illustrators of children's books: writings on their lives and works 1
PN1009.A1 J58 1967 Children's classics 1