Call Number (LC) Title Results
PE1417 .S8 Stories for writing 1
PE1417 .S94 Two voices : writing about literature 1
PE1417 .T474 1983 Themes for writers : a college reader 1
PE1417 .T48 1980 Thinking in writing : structures for composition 1
PE1417 .T5 Critical reading & writing 1
PE1417 .V56 1998 Visions across the Americas 1
PE1417 .W22 An anatomy of prose 1
PE1417 .W27 Writer to writer; readings on the craft of writing 1
PE1417 .W48 The Wiley reader : designs for writing 1
PE1417 .W6 The craft of prose 1
PE1417 .W6 1972 The craft of prose 1
PE1417 .W65 1983 A World of ideas : essential readings for college writers 1
PE1417 .W7 Writing from experience 1
PE1417 .Y3 College reading and writing 1
PE1417 .Z82 1984 Better college reading 1
PE1421 .G5 Tough, sweet & stuffy; an essay on modern American prose styles 1
PE1421 .G592 1954 The complete Plain words 1
PE1421 .H6 The making of style / James Howe 1
PE1421 .M53 Stylists on style; a handbook with selections for analysis 1
PE1421 .S2334 2004 The right word in the right place at the right time : wit and wisdom from the popular "On language" column in The New York times magazine 1