Call Number (LC) Title Results
PE1413 .L34 The writer's eye 1
PE1413 .M25 Reading and thinking; a text for classes in English composition; designed, by means of reading selections chosen for contemporary interest, each followed by searching questions on words and form and content, to stimulate the student's interest in reading and to guide him to a better understanding of what he reads and to a greater skill in self expression 1
PE1413 .M53 Anatomy of a theme 1
PE1413 .S647 Rhetoric for today 1
PE1413 .S65 Pictures for writing; [a visual approach to composition] 1
PE1413 .T5 1978 The writing resource book : an independent composition program for elementary schools and above, based on self-correction and including penmanship in forty-five minutes 1
PE1413 .W56 Creative pattern practice; a new approach to writing 1
PE1417 .A4 American oblique : writing about the American experience 1
PE1417 .A89 1999 Reading critically, writing well : a reader and guide 1
PE1417 .B28 1972 The essayist 1
PE1417 .B28 1985 The essayist 1
PE1417 .B36 Dimension two; the written language 1
PE1417 .B374 1983 Sometimes you just have to stand naked : a guide to interesting writing 1
PE1417 .B38 1976 Detail & pattern : essays for composition 1
PE1417 .B39 The informed writer 1
PE1417 .B4 Values in American culture; statements from colonial times to the present 1
PE1417 .B6 1966 Science and language; selected essays 1
PE1417 .B714 1977 A writing apprenticeship 1
PE1417 .B72 The strategy of composition; a rhetoric with readings 1
PE1417 .B8 Idea and form : readings for writing 1