Call Number (LC) Title Results
P1.2:IN88 Express mail international service directory 1
P 1.2:In 8/9 INTELPOST, dial-in-service : how to get started 1
P 1.2:L 56/8 Let's mail a letter coloring book 1
P 1.2:M 28/21 Getting to know your mail man : coloring book 1
P 1.2:M 28/22 Mailing to the Soviet Union 1
P 1.2:M 28/23 Management alert--lack of service standard change information in area mail processing feasibility studies (Report Number NO-MA-15-001) 1
P 1.2:M 66 1986 Presidential mint set 1
P 1.2:P 41 U.S. Postal Service strategic sustainability performance plan overview 1
P 1.2:P 84/ Comprehensive statement on postal operations 1
P 1.2:P 84/37/987 The Postal Inspection Service and you! : working together to prevent crime 1
P 1.2:P 84/38 The United States Postal Service an American history, 1775-2006 1
P 1.2:P 84/39 Ensuring a viable postal service for America an action plan for the future 1
P 1.2:P 93/2 Analysis of postal price elasticities 1
P1.2:P8437 The Postal Inspection Service 1
P 1.2:R 26/2 Registration. It's quick. It's easy. And it's the law : the U.S. Postal Service and the Selective Service registration program 1
P1.2:SA1986 Safety talks 1
P 1.2:SE 6 More than two centuries of service 1
P 1.2:ST 2/18 1987 American wildlife stamps 1
P 1.2:W 64/2 Wildlife America : a collection of U.S. commemorative stamps 1
P 1.2:W 89/2 Working together for a safer winter! : "tips" for safe winter walking 1