Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.83:2015-2-241-GSFC Understanding Earth : biodiversity & ecological forecasting 1
NAS 1.83:2015-05-1796-HQ NASA plan for increasing access to the results of scientific research : digital scientific data and peer-reviewed publications 1
NAS 1.83:2015-08-2018-HQ NASA's journey to Mars : pioneering next steps in space exploration 2
NAS 1.83:2015-09-651-LARC Langley Research Center: 1917-2017 a storied legacy, a soaring future 1
NAS 1.83:2015-11-040-JSC Acceleration environment 1
NAS 1.83:2016-03-2140-HQ Economic development of low earth orbit 1
NAS 1.83:2016-8-474-GSFC Understanding Earth : our ocean 1
NAS 1.83:2016-10-519-GSFC Understanding Earth : what's up with precipitation? 1
NAS 1.83:NP-1997(06)-019-GSFC The evolving universe : structure and evolution of the universe, roadmap 2000-2020 1
NAS 1.83:NP 1999-08-158-GSFC Access to space : providing a ride to the future 1
NAS 1.83:NP-1999-11-188-GSFC Put some high energy in your papers! 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2002-9-482-GSFC SORCE : solar radiation and climate experiment 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2007-07-80-MSFC Heliophysics science and the Moon : potential solar and space physics science for lunar exploration : report to the NASA Advisory Council Heliophysics Subcommittee 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2007-10-855-GSFC NASA funpad : packed with things to do! 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2007-11-51-LARC NASA Langley 90 years on the leading edge since 1917 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2008-2-006-GSFC To space & back! : how we can all use NASA's tools 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2008-3-010-GSFC From data to image making images from space 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2008-3-011-GSFC From data to image making images from space 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2008-10-054-GSFC From data to image : making images from space 1
NAS 1.83:NP-2008-10-056-GSFC NOAA-N Prime 1