Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.83/5:2015-04-021-JSC Fundamental physics 1
NAS 1.83/5:2015-10-034-JSC Combustion science 1
NAS 1.83/5:2015-11-040-JSC Acceleration environment 1
NAS 1.83/5:NP-2016-06-015-JSC Fruit fly research 1
NAS 1.83/5:NP-2018-08-018-JSC Physical sciences informatics system 1
NAS 1.83/5:NP-2019-11-009-JSC Fluid physics 1
NAS 1.83:6-250-HQ Managing the Moon Program lessons learned from Project Apollo : proceedings of an oral history workshop conducted July 21, 1989 1
NAS 1.83:09-053-GSFC Geospace multiprobes report from the Science Definition Team 1
NAS 1.83:9-107-GSFC GLAST exploring nature's high energy processes with the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope 1
NAS 1.83:9-357-GSFC The NASA Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction Project (NSIPP), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center progress report 1
NAS 1.83:10-129-GSFC The ultimate summit for science 1
NAS 1.83:10-259-HQ Aeronautics and space report of the President : fiscal year 2000 activities 1
NAS 1.83:12-245-HQ NASA technology plan 1998 2
NAS 1.83:106 Solar physics in the space age 1
NAS 1.83:107/10-88 Space station freedom : a foothold on the future 1
NAS 1.83:111 NASA 1
NAS 1.83:113 Commercial use of space : a new economic strength for America 1
NAS 1.83:114/990 SETI : search for extra-terrestrial intelligence 1
NAS 1.83:118 Accessing space : a catalogue of process, equipment and resources for commercial users 1
NAS 1.83:119 Science in orbit : the shuttle & spacelab experience : 1981-1986
Science in orbit : the shuttle & spacelab experience, 1981-1986