Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.83:1997(01)-003-GSFC Earth's energy balance 1
NAS 1.83:1997(01)-004-GSFC Understanding the earth system through satellites & modeling 1
NAS 1.83:1997-02-223-HQ Discovering Mars 1
NAS 1.83:1997-02-224-HQ Discovering Saturn 1
NAS 1.83:1997-02-225-HQ Discovering Jupiter 1
NAS 1.83:1997 (03)-007-GSFC Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Branch 1
NAS 1.83:1997-03-008-GSFC Recommended priorities for NASA's Gamma Ray Astronomy Program 1996-2010 : report of the Gamma Ray Astronomy Program Working Group 1
NAS 1.83:1997(03)-009-GSFC Exploring the structure and evolution of the universe 1
NAS 1.83:1997(04)-012 Generic Spacecraft Analyst Assistant (GenSAA) and the Generic Inferential-Executor (Genie) 1
NAS 1.83:1997(05)-016-GSFC/STSCLM-9701 The Next Generation Space Telescope : visiting a time when galaxies were young 1
NAS 1.83:1997(06)019-GSFC The evolving universe : structure and evolution of the universe : roadmap 2000-2020 1
NAS 1.83:1997-(07)-021-GSFC Advanced Composition Explorer ACE 1
NAS 1.83:1997-12-049-GSFC Microwave anisotrophy probe, MAP 1
NAS 1.83:1997(12)-050-GSFC Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope : quest for the ultimate sources of energy in the universe 1
NAS 1.83:1998-03-018-GSFC NASA's Earth Observing System : EOS AM-1 : the first EOS satellite 1
NAS 1.83:1998-07-237-HQ Human space flight a record of achievement, 1961-1998 1
NAS 1.83:1998-08-048-GSFC Gamma ray large area space telescope : understanding the most powerful energy sources in the universe 1
NAS 1.83:1998-10-055-GSFC How astronomers use spectra to learn about the sun and other stars 1
NAS 1.83:1998-10-242-HQ Aeronautics & space transportation technology : three pillars for success, turning goals into reality : annual progress report 1997-98 1
NAS 1.83:1998-11-065-GSFC GNCC, Guidance, Navigation & Control Center, Technology Office : guidance, navigation & control solutions for the new millennium-- 1