Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.2:R 11/3 Shuttle imaging radar : towards the future-- 1
NAS 1.2:R 11/4 The Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite Program, CRRES : a unique series of scientific experiments 1
NAS 1.2:R 11/5 Space radar laboratory : seeing earth in a new way 1
NAS 1.2:R 24/2 Report to the President : actions to implement the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident 1
NAS 1.2:R 31/11 Remote sensing of natural resources 1
NAS 1.2:R 31/12 Search and Rescue Synthetic Apperture Radar SAR2 : saving lives by applying a proven remote sensing technology to search and rescue 1
NAS 1.2:R 43 Let NASA take you for a ride 1
NAS 1.2:R 59/3 Technology test bed : the future for rocket engine design 1
NAS 1.2:R 59/4 From Rockwell to Rauschenberg : the NASA Art Program 1
NAS 1.2:R 71 ROSAT, an international mission exploring the high energy universe 1
NAS 1.2:SA 4 SAMPEX, detecting particles from the sun and the cosmos 1
NAS 1.2:SA 8/10 Satellite Data Utilization Office 1
NAS 1.2:SA 8/11/999 Communications satellite : NASA's advanced communications technology satellite 1
NAS 1.2:SA 8/12 Saturn illustrated chronology 1
NAS 1.2:Sci 2/9 Children's responses to the question "What is science?" 1
NAS 1.2:Sci 2/10 The NASA Scientific and Technical Information Program : prologue to the future 1
NAS 1.2:Sci 2/11 The NASA STI Program : reaching out to serve you : the STI Program has a global reach that includes NASA Centers and other research organizations around the nation ... and information exchange partners around the world 1
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/12/993 NCCS science highlights 1
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/12/995 NCCS science highlights 1
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/13/997 NASA/NSTA space science student involvement program 1