Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.2:C 73/13/FR Analyse en ambiance spatiale simulee du comportement de materiaux composites 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/14/FR Composites a fibres ceramiques et matrice silice elaboration; performances 1
NAS 1.2:C 76/3 Review of the Constellation Program's request to discontinue using the metric system of measurement review report 1
NAS 1.2:C 82 Cosmic background explorer 1
NAS 1.2:C 82/2 COSPAS/SARSAT : aerospace technology in use for your safety 1
NAS 1.2:C 82/3 COBE's search for structure in the Big Bang 1
NAS 1.2:C 82/5/1992 (V.3) Cosmic dust catalog 1
NAS 1.2:C 86/2 Commercial market assessment for crew and cargo systems pursuant to Section 403 of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-267) 1
NAS 1.2:C 88 Large scale cryogenic fluid systems testing 1
NAS 1.2:C 88/2 Crustal Dynamics Data Information System : CDDIS 1
NAS 1.2:C 96 Becoming a customer-focused, Goddard 1
NAS 1.2:D 11 DAAC in a box 1
NAS 1.2:D 24/2 Dark universe 1
NAS 1.2:D 26/2 Data and information services for global change research EOS Data Gateway, EOSDIS DAACs, other cooperating data centers 1
NAS 1.2:D 35/2 Cost and benefit analysis of orbital debris remediation 1
NAS 1.2:D 36/2 NASA Office of Defense Affairs the first five years : December 1, 1962, to January 1, 1968 1
NAS 1.2:D 49 NASA's plan for sustained lunar exploration and development 1
NAS 1.2:D 55 DXS, the diffuse X-ray spectrometer 1
NAS 1.2:D 62/3 The X-ray flux dipole of AGNs and the peculiar motion of the local group 1
NAS 1.2:D 62/4 IDN world guide 1