Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.2:C 12/2 Calibration Laboratory 1
NAS 1.2:C 12/3 Progress report : subsidence in the Central Valley, California 1
NAS 1.2:C 18/2/995 Career opportunities in aerospace technology 1
NAS 1.2:C 18/4/991 Career opportunities in engineering and science 1
NAS 1.2:C 18/5 Accessible careers at NASA Lewis Research Center 1
NAS 1.2:C 36 A changing Earth at night : 2012-2016 1
NAS 1.2:C 36/2 M87 : Chandra captures x-rays in coordination with EHT 1
NAS 1.2:C 46 Chronology of Space Shuttle flights, 1981-2000 1
NAS 1.2:C 61 Climate and Radiation Branch 1
NAS 1.2:C 72/V.1 Columbia Accident Investigation Board : report 1
NAS 1.2:C 72/V.1-6/DVD Report 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/4 NASA program support communications network 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/6 NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) : an overview of the satellite, the network and the underlying technologies 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/9 SIRTF : a window on cosmic birth 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/10 Computers in aeronautics and space research at the Lewis Research Center 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/11 LeRC Computer Training and Video Conference Facility : OHRD 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/13/FR Analyse en ambiance spatiale simulee du comportement de materiaux composites 1
NAS 1.2:C 73/14/FR Composites a fibres ceramiques et matrice silice elaboration; performances 1
NAS 1.2:C 76/3 Review of the Constellation Program's request to discontinue using the metric system of measurement review report 1
NAS 1.2:C 82 Cosmic background explorer 1