Call Number (LC) Title Results
NAS 1.114:12-011 NASA's use of research announcement awards for aeronautics research 1
NAS 1.114:12-012 Review of NASA's lessons learned information system 1
NAS 1.114:12-013 Audit of NASA's process for transferring technology to the government and private sector 1
NAS 1.114:12-015 NASA's efforts to identify, report and recapture improper payments 1
NAS 1.114:12-016 Audit of NASA grants awarded to the Alabama's Space Science Exhibit Commission's U.S. Space and Rocket Center 1
NAS 1.114:12-018 Audit of NASA grants awarded to the Philadelphia College Opportunity Resources for Education 1
NAS 1.114:12-021 NASA's challenges to meeting cost, schedule, and performance goals 1
NAS 1.114:12-022 NASA's plans to modify the ARES I mobile launcher in support of the space launch system
NASA's infrastructure and facilities as assessment of the Agency's real property leasing practices
NAS 1.114:14-015 NASA's management of its smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices 1
NAS 1.114:16-003 NASA's efforts to manage health and human performance risks for space exploration 1
NAS 1.114:18-002 NASA's efforts to improve the agency's information technology governance 1
NAS 1.114:22-005 NASA's management of the International Space Station and efforts to commercialize low Earth orbit 1
NAS 1.115: The Earth observer 1
NAS 1.117: Sciencecasts 1
NAS 1.119: Biennial research and technology development report 1
NAS 1.12/6:SP-5002 Soldering electrical connections; : a handbook 1
NAS 1.12/7:400-24 Voyager encounters Jupiter 1
NAS 1.12/7:400-87 Voyager at Saturn : 1980 1
NAS 1.12/7:400-91 The Comet Halley handbook : an observer's guide 1
NAS 1.12/7:400-230 Voyager at Neptune and Triton, 1989 1