Call Number (LC) Title Results
N8234.O8 O47 2019 Cosmos : the art and science of the universe 1
N8236.P46 J64 2012 Replacing home : from primordial hut to digital network in contemporary art 1
N8236.P695 W35 2012 The emperor and the world : exotic elements and the imaging of middle Byzantine imperial power, ninth to thirteenth centuries C.E. 1
N8243.S576 F56 2018 Committed to memory : the art of the slave ship icon 1
N8248.S77 O8 1994 The art of devotion in the late Middle Ages in Europe, 1300-1500 1
N8251.S3 O25 1996 The object as subject : studies in the interpretation of still life 1
N8253.T5 T46 2000 Tempus fugit, time flies 1
N8257.7 .H36 2012 Volcano : nature and culture 1
N8260 .B74 1984 Art against war : 400 years of protest in art 1
N8260 .N68 2014 Nothing but the clouds unchanged : artists in World War I 1
N8261.W28 .H83 2012 Waterfall 1
N8350 .A23 2010 Accelerating on the curves : the artist's roadmap to success 1
N8350 .A43 2013 Art-write : the writing guide for visual artists : crafting effective artist statements and promotional materials 1
N8350 .B38 2009 The artist's guide : how to make a living doing what you love 1
N8350 .C3 Career education and the art teaching profession 1
N8350 .D86 1998 Advice to young artists in a postmodern era 1
N8350 .H6 1973 Art career guide; a guidance handbook for art students, teachers, vocational counselors, and job hunters 1
N8350 .L36 2006 Taking the leap : building a career as a visual artist 1
N8351 .M37 1994 How to prepare your portfolio : a guide for students and professionals 1
N8353 .S65 2013 Art Marketing 101 : an artist's guide to a successful business plan 1