Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC1099.3 .B65 2005 Talking race in the classroom 1
LC1099.3 .B74 2001 Bridging cultures between home and school : a guide for teachers : with a special focus on immigrant Latino families 1
LC1099.3 .B845 2008 Building racial and cultural competence in the classroom : strategies from urban educators 1
LC1099.3 .C374 2005 Keepin' it real : school success beyond black and white 1
LC1099.3 .C699 2006 Black ants and buddhists : thinking critically and teaching differently in the primary grades 1
LC1099.3 .C845 2006 Culturally proficient instruction : a guide for people who teach 1
LC1099.3 .C848 2011 Culturally responsive standards-based teaching : classroom to community and back 1
LC1099.3 .C87 2003 Human diversity in education : an integrative approach 1
LC1099.3 .C87 2006 Human diversity in education : an integrative approach 1
LC1099.3 .C87 2022 Human diversity in education : an intercultural approach 1
LC1099.3 .D395 2007 How to teach students who don't look like you : culturally relevant teaching strategies 1
LC1099.3 .D45 1995 Other people's children : cultural conflict in the classroom 1
LC1099.3 .D465 2015 Leading anti-bias early childhood programs : a guide for change 1
LC1099.3 .D53 1995 Multicultural literacy : mirroring the reality of the classroom 1
LC1099.3 .D55 1999 Race and culture in the classroom : teaching and learning through multicultural education 1
LC1099.3 .D56 2003 Thriving in the multicultural classroom : principles and practices for effective teaching 1
LC1099.3 .E39 2004 Education programs for improving intergroup relations : theory, research, and practice 1
LC1099.3 .E395 2006 Education research in the public interest : social justice, action, and policy 1
LC1099.3 .E45 1998 Teacher talk : multicultural lesson plans for the elementary classroom 1
LC1099.3 .F75 2020 Antiracism and universal design for learning : building expressways to success 1