Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC1090 .D4 International education and exchange : a sociological analysis 1
LC1090 .D53 1999 Global perspectives for educators 1
LC1090 .F7 A history of international and comparative education; nineteenth-century documents 1
LC1090 .G55 1991 Yearbook
Global education : from thought to action
LC1090 .G74 2006 Where faculty live : internationalizing the disciplines 1
LC1090 .M4 Education in world affairs; a realistic approach to international education 1
LC1090 .R458 2020 Research on teaching global issues : pedagogy for global citizenship education 1
LC1090 .W53 1998 Learning to divide the world : education at empire's end 1
LC1091 .B87 The revival of civic learning : a rationale for citizenship education in American schools 1
LC1091 .E44 1991 Education for democratic citizenship : a challenge for multi-ethnic societies 1
LC1091 .K74 2016 Educating for civic-mindedness : nurturing authentic professional identities through transformative higher education 1
LC1099 .B34 1983 Planning and organizing for multicultural instruction 1
LC1099 .C815 1992 v.1 Cultural diversity and the schools 1
LC1099 .C815 1992 v.2 Cultural diversity and the schools 1
LC1099 .C815 1992 v.3 Cultural diversity and the schools 1
LC1099 .C815 1992 v.4 Cultural diversity and the schools 1
LC1099 .D53 1997 Dictionary of multicultural education 1
LC1099 .I49 In praise of diversity : a resource book for multicultural education 1
LC1099 .K55 2019 Classroom cultures : equitable schooling for racially diverse youth 1
LC1099 .L45 2002 Defining & designing multiculturalism : one school system's efforts 1