Call Number (LC) Title Results
LC 14.23:RS 22163/ The United States and Europe : current issues 1
LC 14.23:RS 22164/ DR-CAFTA : regional issues 1
LC 14.23:RS 22165/ An abridged view of the Gang Deterrence and Community Protection Act (H.R. 1279) 1
LC 14.23:RS 22168/ The Corporation for Public Broadcasting : federal funding and issues 1
LC 14.23:RS 22172/ The conforming loan limit 1
LC 14.23:RS 22175/ Satellite television : provisions in SHVERA affecting eligibility for distant and local analog network signals 1
LC 14.23:RS 22184/ Military base closures : redevelopment assistance programs 1
LC 14.23:RS 22185/ Individual development accounts (IDAs) : background on federal grant programs to help low-income families save 1
LC 14.23:RS 22188/ Regular vetoes and pocket vetoes : in brief 1
LC 14.23:RS 22195/ Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicare : the 24-month waiting period for SSDI beneficiaries under age 65 1
LC 14.23:RS 22196/ USA PATRIOT ACT reauthorization proposals and related matters in brief 1
LC 14.23:RS 22204/ U.S. trade deficit and the impact of changing oil prices 1
LC 14.23:RS 22207/ Congressional review of EPA's mercury rule 1
LC 14.23:RS 22211/ Islamist extremism in Europe 1
LC 14.23:RS 22216/ USA PATRIOT ACT reauthorization in brief 1
LC 14.23:RS 22220/ Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) : the five-month waiting period for benefits 1
LC 14.23:RS 22222/ Material support of terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations : sunset amendments in brief 1
LC 14.23:RS 22246/ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) : its role in response to the effects of hurricane Katrina 1
LC 14.23:RS 22259/ Arrest and detention of material witnesses : a sketch 1
LC 14.23:RS 22281/ General Services Administration federal facilities affected by Hurricane Katrina 1