Call Number (LC) Title Results
LA205 .S65 1972 Education and the rise of the corporate state 1
LA206 .B3 1960 Education in the forming of American society : needs and opportunity for study 1
LA206 .H3 1977 Liberalism and American education in the eighteenth century. With an introduction by Edward H. Reisner 1
LA206 .J6 1982 Old-time schools and school-books 1
LA206 .R8 Essays on education in the early Republic 1
LA209 .A54 1987 American education in the twentieth century : a documentary history 1
LA209 .C7 1964B The transformation of the school : progressivism in American education, 1876-1957 1
LA209 .G58 A history of American education 1
LA209 .G65 2005 Schooling America : how the public schools meet the nation's changing needs 1
LA209 .K75 2007 Stories of the eight-year study : reexamining secondary education in America 1
LA209 .P422 1991 The imperfect panacea : American faith in education, 1865-1990 1
LA209.2 .A67 1984 American education 1
LA209.2 .A76 1985 Education under siege : the conservative, liberal, and radical debate over schooling 1
LA209.2 .B4 Crisis in education; a challenge to American complacency 1
LA209.2 .C6 Education in a divided world; the function of the public schools in our unique society 1
LA209.2 .D4 1969 Designing education for the future : rationale, procedures and appraisal : final report and external evaluation 1
LA209.2 .G68 1978 Schools, scholars, and society 1
LA209.2 .G868 2000 American education 1945-2000 : a history and commentary 1
LA209.2 .H58 2002 Understanding educational reform : a reference handbook 1
LA209.2 .I5 Implications for education of prospective changes in society : reports prepared for the second area conference 1