Call Number (LC) Title Results
LA13 .G6 1960 A history of Western education 1
LA13 .M35 An interpretative history of education 1
LA13 .M8 1959 A history of education; a social interpretation 1
LA13 .P6 Main currents in the history of education 1
LA13 .R35 The evolution of the common school 1
LA14 .C72 1981 A brief history of education : a handbook of information on Greek, Roman, medieval, Renaissance, and modern educational practice 1
LA21 .B7 Philosophers on education: six essays on the foundations of Western thought 1
LA21 .P37 Foundations for a theory of instruction and educational psychology 1
LA21 .P45 Since Socrates : studies in the history of Western educational thought 1
LA71 .M3713 1982 A history of education in antiquity 1
LA81 .B65 Education in ancient Rome : from the elder Cato to the younger Pliny 1
LA81 .G8 1966 Roman education from Cicero to Quintilian 1
LA91 .E3 1936 The development of modern education in theory, organization, and practice 1
LA93 .O47 1995 The journey to wisdom : self-education in patristic and medieval literature 1
LA96 .M9 1932 The schools of Charles the Great and the restoration of education in the ninth century 1
LA118 .G7 The Puritan revolution and educational thought; background for reform 1
LA126 .H42 1986 Dewey, Russell, Whitehead : philosophers as educators 1
LA126 .M39 1949 The development of education in the twentieth century 1
LA126 .R56 1979 Education and society in modern Europe 1
LA132 .C5967 Comparative education 1