Call Number (LC) Title Results
L 2.70/4 A:J 575/2002-2012 The job outlook in brief 1
L 2.70/4 a:P 69 Playing for a living : the dream comes true for very few 1
L 2.71: Fatal workplace injuries in ... a collection of data and analysis
National emergency disputes under the labor-management relations, Taft-Hartley, Act
L 2.71/5-2:92-1 How the federal government uses data from the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-2 Two papers on the use of computer-assisted personal interviews in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-3 Dynamic models of the joint determination of labor supply and family structure 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-4 The effects of unemployment compensation on the unemployment of youths 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-5 Evaluating competing theories of worker mobility 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-6 Evaluation of the 1989 child-care supplement in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-7 Gender differences in the quit behavior of young workers 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-8 The impact of private sector training on race and gender wage differentials and the career patterns of young workers 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-9 Responses of female labor supply and fertility to the demographic cycle 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-10 A study of intercohort change in women's work patterns and earnings 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-11 Women's employment during pregnancy and following birth 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-12 Work experience, job tenure, job separation, and wage growth 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-13 Family background and labor market outcomes 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-14 Self-selection and internal migration in the United States 1
L 2.71/5-2:92-15 The determinants of public-sector and private-sector training 1
L 2.71/5-2:93-16 Participation in low-wage labor markets by young men 1
L 2.71/5-2:94-17 Retirement in a family context a structural model for husbands and wives 1