Call Number (LC) Title Results
L 2.2:C 76/44 Consumer price index, user survey results 1
L 2.2:C 76/45/2008 Understanding the consumer price index-- answers to some questions 1
L 2.2:C 76/46 Consumer price index reference checklists 1
L 2.2:C 76/47 The effects of rounding on the consumer price index BLS working papers 1
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L 2.2:C 766/43 Where to find CPI information 1
L 2.2:D 26/2/FLYER About BLS data diskettes : for use with IBM-compatible microcomputers Lotus 1-2-3 or ASCII file format 1
L 2.2:D 26/3 BLS data files on tape 1
L 2.2:D 36 High deductible health plans and health savings accounts 1
L 2.2:EC 7/8/ TED : the economics daily 1
L 2.2:ED 8/2 Cooperative education and the Bureau of Labor Statistics 1
L 2.2:ED 8/3 Timeless education for a future world : career and technical student organizations 1
L 2.2:EL 2/8 Consumer price index revision : electricity workbook 1
L 2.2:Em 7/46 The Employment cost index and the employee benefits survey 1
L 2.2:EM 7/47 The Employment cost index and employee benefits survey : a chartbook 1
L 2.2:EM 7/47/995 Employment cost index and employee benefits survey : a chartbook 1
L 2.2:EM 7/48 Mental health and substance abuse treatment benefits 1
L 2.2:EM 7/49/996 The current employment statistics survey : the nation's employment barometer 1
L 2.2:EM 7/51/2013 Reporting CES data on the Internet 1
L 2.2:EX 7/2/2002 Understanding export and import price indexes : frequently asked questions 1
L 2.2:Ex 7/2000 Labor market experiences and more : studying men, women, and children since 1966 1