Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF C623ram Ramona forever 1
JuvF C623ramo Ramona Quimby, age 8 1
JuvF C623ramon Ramona and her mother 1
JuvF C623ri Ribsy 1
JuvF C623s Strider 1
JuvF C623w Where the lilies bloom 1
JuvF C626a Anywhere else but here 1
JuvF C626m The merchant of marvels and the peddler of dreams 1
JuvF .C626t A thousand billion things : (and some sheep) 1
JuvF C636p The Persian Cinderella 1
JuvF .C637b The boy who didn't believe in spring 1
JuvF C637j Just tell me when we're dead! 1
JuvF .C641f Finding Langston 1
JuvF .C641l Leaving Lymon 1
JuvF C649m My brother Stevie 1
JuvF C651h Hippopposites 1
JuvF C652a Away goes Sally 1
JuvF C652c The cat who went to heaven 1
JuvF .C652l Llamaphones 1
JuvF C652p The princess and the lion 1