Call Number (LC) Title Results
JuvF .S649p The phone booth in Mr. Hirota's garden 1
JuvF .S651a A perfect day 1
JuvF S651b Bone 1
JuvF S654g Grandpa Green 1
JuvF .S655y You hold me up 1
JuvF .S658h Hoodoo 1
JuvF .S661s Small in the city 1
JuvF S671l Lana's Lakota moons 1
JuvF S671t The trickster and the troll 1
JuvF S672d The dark 1
JuvF S672t 13 words 1
JuvF S674s Snow-White and the seven dwarfs : a tale 1
JuvF S675b Blair's nightmare 1
JuvF S675bo The boy of the three-year nap 1
JuvF .S675c Charlie & Mouse even better 1
JuvF S675e The Egypt game 1
JuvF S675h The headless Cupid 1
JuvF S675w The witches of Worm 1
JuvF S677e Encyclopedia Brown : boy detective 1
JuvF S677en Encyclopedia Brown sets the pace 1