Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 36.2:R 24 Recruiting and retaining officers in small and rural agencies 1
J 36.2:SH 7 Independent investigations of officer-involved shootings : current practices and recommendations from law enforcement leaders in the United States and Canada 1
J 36.2:SN 3 The stop snitching phenomenon breaking the code of silence 1
J 36.2:ST 2/ The state of policing in the United States 1
J 36.2:SU 6 National Summit on Intelligence Gathering, Sharing, Analysis, and Use after 9-11 measuring success and setting goals for the future 1
J 36.2:T 11 Tackling crime and other public-safety problems : case studies in problem-solving 1
J 36.2:T 22 Because things happen every day responding to teenage victims of crime 1
J 36.2:T 27 Local law enforcement responds to terrorism : lessons in prevention and preparedness 1
J 36.2:T 27/2 A suggested approach to analyzing racial profiling sample templates for analyzing car-stop data 1
J 36.2:T 61 Toolbox for implementing restorative justice and advancing community policing : a guidebook prepared for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice 1
J 36.2:T 73 The Tribal Youth Police Academy : fostering development of future tribal criminal justice and community leaders 1
J 36.2:V 66/3 Bringing victims into community policing 1
J 36.2:V 81 Violent Crime Impact Teams (VCIT) Initiative focus on partnerships 1
J 36.2:W 52 West Side Story project : crime prevention on a new stage
West Side story project : crime prevention on a new stage
J 36.8:2003003822 Law enforcement tech guide how to plan, purchase and manage technology (successfully) : a guide for executives, managers and technologists 1
J 36.8:2003003842 Grant monitoring standards & guidelines for hiring and redeployment 1
J 36.8:2003020599 Call management and community policing a guide for law enforcement 1
J 36.8:C 73 Law enforcement tech guide for communications interoperability a guide for interagency communications projects 1
J 36.8:C 73/2 Community policing explained : a guide for local governments 1
J 36.8:C 73/3 Using community policing to counter violent extremism : 5 key principles for law enforcement 1